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Myro is your personal AI eCommerce expert. With 15 years of experience,
he's excited to help you out with your specific eCommerce needs.

  • Myro uses a highly skilled Artificial Intelligence Model
  • Myro has been trained using thousands of successful online stores
  • Myro knows exactly what works.. and what doesn't with SEO, SEA and Content.

The specialists at Myro have had successful e-commerce companies for 15+ years and have been teaching AI everything there is to know about website design, SEO, SEA, Content, Conversion Optimization, Funnels, A/B testing, Analytics, Google Ads and Meta. Now it's time for Myro AI to show you what he's got.


How can Myro AI help you using artificial intelligence?

Myro is just like a human e-commerce expert. He can analyse sites, consult about your strategy, learn everything about your competitors and help create content and ads.

  • 01 Teach Myro everything about your business

    We will visit your company and learn everything about your business. We'll learn everything about your products, your competitors, your website, your marketing campaigns and your social media channels.

  • Now we create your own personal instance of Myro AI, give him access to the data sources and train him with your specific business and company. The more info the better. Myro loves learning stuff, especially with his customized GPT3 Machine Learning engine.

  • Now that Myro can assist and advise you, it's time for him to go to work. He will check the vitals of your website, alerting you if he sees something strange or a new possibility to grow. You can give him specific assignments, such as "write a blog about tomatoes and shoes" or "post a joke on social media". Using the latest AI technology, Myro will help you out in the most efficient way possible. The longer you work together, the more you can leave up to Myro, he'll learn to be of help in all the ways possible.


How far is Artificial Intelligence?

Let's break it down into what Myro can already do.

Write extensive SEO content 100%
Create copyright-free images of anything you wish 90%
Know everything about your competitors 85%
Analyse your site 75%
Notify you if he sees something strange or a new opportunity 90%
Assess the performance of your site and give you tips 80%
Pro-actively advise you on your marketing strategy 55%
Post awesome content on social media 70%


We offer deep strategic and practical expertise in the field of eCommerce. We provide a full analysis of your shop, find the bottlenecks and growth opportunities, compare to competitors and help to move forward. We use AI to process all the complex and vast data and to assist you and us in our quest to grow your store.

200-point analysis

We check your site on 200 relevant eCommerce points and provide with a detailed, workable report

Prioritized To-Do

The report is translated into specific actions: prioritized, explained and assigned to people or AI

Work together

Our specialists assist you in reaching your goals, backed with AI power and fully accessible

Measure and evaluate

We keep monitoring your site, results and growth and adjust the strategy when needed

Learn more about our services?

Drop us a message to learn more about our eCommerce services and how we can help your business forward using Artificial Intelligence


Our experts have been helping a big variety of customers with their eCommerce needs. Take a look at our experience portfolio. We hope to welcome you here soon!

  • All
  • Strategy
  • Content
  • SEO & SEA
  • Development e-Commerce Platform

Mobile shopping

Curafyt Natural Supplements

Strategy, consultancy, SEO/SEA, content

RET (Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram)

Mobile shopping campaign at Rotterdam Central

Danone Baby Food

Mobile Shopping in Rome, Italy

Nutricia Baby Food

Mobile Shopping in Rome, Italy


DevOps, clusters, kubernetes

LensOnline Netherlands and Belgium

Strategic Marketing Partner, Content, SEO/SEA and Dev

My Killer Body Motivation by Faya Lourens

Development and content marketing

IND (Immigratie en Naturalisatiedienst)

Development, IT infrastructure

Modern Minds eCommerce Agency

Being CEO and advising customers on eCommerce strategy

Media Sentiment Analysis

Dev and strategy Jewelry and Accessories

Building online store, doing all marketing and development

Sinner Sunglasses and Ski/Snowboard gear

Online strategy, import and products, SEO, SEA and Conversion

Sunweb holidays

Affiliate marketing, SEO and collaboration


DevOps, Cubernetes, infra structure, Dev

About Us

Myro was founded in 2022 by Marvin Crawford and Roman Markovski, two friends with a common passion for everything IT and eCommerce related. They have been following the developments in Artificial Intelligence with great interest and found that the world of eCommerce has reached to point of harvesting the fruits of Machine Learning and AI.

Roman Markovski


eCommerce expert and AI consultant

Marvin Crawford


The guy creating the magic of AI

Nabila Holloway

AI Content marketeer

Writes content on the go for our customers

Safa Colleyn

AI Designer

Creates visuals, like the one of her own image

Myron Dodson

eCommerce Expert

Explains the most complex issues in human language

Alastair Hatfield

AI Data Analyst

Analyses and monitors thousands of data points on your site

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that Artificial Intelligence is new to you, your colleagues and even some of the most skilled developers and IT guys. We are now at a point where AI is slowly emerging from the shadows of mathematical model programming to functional use. Still a lot of questions remain. We have gathered some of them!

  • How can AI help me?

    Apart from it helping you already (think of your phone, Google Maps, Google Home, Amazon, etc.), we know that AI can help you in 3 ways: 1) take away a lot of repetitive tasks, such as automatic checking of Google Analytics, campaigns and Search Console, 2) Can give you access to unlimited creativity with content and visuals, 3) Provide structure and insights in extremely complex and big data, such as competitive info or data about your customers.

  • There are a lot of content, visual and several other tools to help you practically. We take it one step further by providing real intelligence in the form of consultancy, deep association, creative strategy and years and years of experience in the field of eCommerce. You can train your own AI model that knows your business like no other.

  • Our consulting services are priced at €100 per hour. We first provide an extremely detailed analysis and report of your online store (SEO, SEA, Console, Conversion Funnel, Customer Journey, Design, Tech), and after that use the power of AI to fulfil the tasks that we find together, such as content marketing, social media and of course our automated eCommerce performance tool.

  • Although eCommerce is very innovative, the uses of AI until now have mainly been limited to content generation and creative logo generation. It's very difficult to train AI models to go deeper and use real intelligence. Up until now tech and machine learning were the realm of AI, but as it develops, it's now become accessible to have your own AI model, fully trained to your needs. That's something that only has become possible in the last couple of months.

  • Just like with regular eCommerce consulting, all is dependent on 3 dimensions: 1) Quality of the consultant, 2) Time and effort available from client, 3) Context, market and other external factors. We are continuously working on our own quality, not only as experts, but also the expertise of Myro AI bots. Also we are monitoring the market from up close as eCommerce entrepreneurs.

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